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Allen Bradley PanelView 600

2711-K6C16 | Allen Bradley PanelView

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Manufacturer Allen Bradley PanelView
Description The 2711-K6C16 belongs to the Allen-Bradley PanelView Standard Operator Terminals. This terminal has 5-inch display with built-in RS232 (DF1) and RS232 printer port.
Weight 0 lbs :: ≈ 0 kgs
Warranty 1 Years
Technical Specifications
Manufacturer: Rockwell Automation
Brand: Allen-Bradley
Part Number: 2711-K6C16
Product Family: PanelView Standard Terminals
Product Type Operator Terminals
Operator Input: Keypad
Display Type: Color active matrix TFT
Display Area: 115 x 86 mm (4.54 x 3.4 in.).
Resolution: 320 x 234
Backlight: 50,000 hr 1/2 life at 25 °C (77 °F)
Keypad function keys: 10 function keys (F1…F10)
Application memory: 170 KB application runtime; 240 KB nonvolatile memory (application objects plus text and bitmaps)
Keypad Lifespan: Actuation: 2 million presses
Communication ports: RS232 (DF1); RS232 (printer)
Input Voltage range: 85…264V AC, 47…63 Hz
About the 2711-K6C16
The 2711-K6C16 is a rugged electronic Human Machine Interface (HMI) for implementing operator and process interaction at factory floor level. This HMI device can be used in almost any industry to meet varying automation requirements. The HMI device is an obsolete PanelView 600 hardware discontinued on 12/31/2012. It belongs to the PanelView Standard Operator terminals manufactured by Allen-Bradley. It is made up of a touch screen user interface capable of up to 2 million actuations, a 5-inch colored screen supporting visual representation of the process in colored display and Two (2) RS232 ports, primary port supporting DF1 protocol while secondary port supporting printing of alarm list and messages. The hardware comes with an internal memory of 170 KB for application runtime and a 240 KB nonvolatile memory for storing PanelView applications and images including bitmaps. The operator terminal is AC powered with a rated supply of 85 to 264V AC and frequency of 47 to 63 Hz. The 2711-K6C16 is approved for use in enclosures with NEMA Type 12, 13, 4X (indoor use only), IEC IP54, IP65 ratings. 0…50 °C (32…122 °F). Limit vibration up to 2 g up to 2000 Hz and operating shock of 15 g/30 g. The operator terminal is designed in modular form where components and accessories can be added upon time of purchase or at a later time. Component add-ons and accessories include anti-glare overlays, real-time clock, terminal blocks, upload and download cables, flash memory cards, keypad legend inserts and file transfer utility software. Each components are designed to improve or extend the functionality of the HMI operator terminal.
Revisions: 2711-K6C16-FRN 1.00 , 2711-K6C16-FRN 1.07 , 2711-K6C16-FRN 3.00 , 2711-K6C16-FRN 3.01 , 2711-K6C16-FRN 3.02 , 2711-K6C16-FRN 3.13 , 2711-K6C16-FRN 3.40 , 2711-K6C16-FRN 4.00 , 2711-K6C16-FRN 4.01 , 2711-K6C16-FRN 4.02 , 2711-K6C16-FRN 4.03 , 2711-K6C16-FRN 4.04 , 2711-K6C16-FRN 4.10 , 2711-K6C16-FRN 4.12 , 2711-K6C16-FRN 4.13 , 2711-K6C16-FRN 4.14 , 2711-K6C16-FRN 4.15 , 2711-K6C16-FRN 4.20 , 2711-K6C16-FRN 4.21 , 2711-K6C16-FRN 4.41 , 2711-K6C16-FRN 4.43 , 2711-K6C16-FRN 4.44 , 2711-K6C16-FRN 4.46 , 2711-K6C16-FRN 4.48 , 2711-K6C16-REV A , 2711-K6C16-REV B , 2711-K6C16-REV C , 2711-K6C16-REV D , 2711-K6C16-REV E , 2711-K6C16-REV F , 2711-K6C16-REV G , 2711-K6C16-REV H , 2711-K6C16-REV I , 2711-K6C16-REV J , 2711-K6C16-REV K , 2711-K6C16-REV L , 2711-K6C16-SER A , 2711-K6C16-SER B , 2711-K6C16-SER C , 2711-K6C16-SER D , 2711-K6C16-SER E , 2711-K6C16-SER F , 2711-K6C16-SER G , 2711-K6C16-SER H , 2711-K6C16-SER I , 2711-K6C16-SER J , 2711-K6C16-SER K , 2711-K6C16-SER L ,

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