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Allen Bradley PanelView 600

2711-B6C9L1 | Allen Bradley PanelView

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Manufacturer Allen Bradley PanelView
Description The 2711-B6C9L1 belongs to the Allen-Bradley PanelView Standard Operator Terminals. This terminal is 24VDC powered and has 5.5-inch display with RS232 (DH485) communication port and RS232 printer port.
Weight 0 lbs :: ≈ 0 kgs
Warranty 1 Years
Technical Specifications
Manufacturer: Rockwell Automation
Brand: Allen-Bradley
Part Number: 2711-B6C9L1
Product Family: PanelView Standard Terminals
Product Type Operator Terminals
Operator Input: Keypad / Touch
Display Type: Color active matrix TFT
Display Area: 115 x 86 mm (4.54 x 3.4 in.).
Resolution: 320 x 234
Backlight: 50,000 hr 1/2 life at 25 °C (77 °F)
Keypad function keys: 10 function keys (F1…F10)
Application memory: 170 KB application runtime; 240 KB nonvolatile memory (application objects plus text and bitmaps)
Touchscreen: Touch cells: 128 Actuation: 1 million presses
Communication ports: RS232 (DH485); RS232 (printer)
Input Voltage range: 18…32V DC (24V DC nom)
About the 2711-B6C9L1
The 2711-B6C9L1 is 24VDC powered PanelView 600 terminal. Allen-Bradley manufactures PanelView 600 terminals for implementation Human Machine Interface (HMI) application. The product belong to the bulletin 2711 PanelView Standard Operator Terminal. This product line is obsolete and available for spare part only. It has been discontinued on 12/31/2012. The 2711-B6C9L1 PanelView Standard terminals support pixel graphics for visualization of process via process mimic designed with PanelBuilder32 software. PanelBuilder32 software is used by the PanelView products for designing custom applications to be downloaded to the operator terminal. The 2711-B6C9L1 has a 5-inch Color active matrix TFT Display with resolution of 320 x 234 pixels and display area of 115 x 86 mm (4.54 x 3.4 in.). Process control is accomplished through the Keypad and Touchscreen installed in the compact assembly. Operator can actuate either of the interfaces to initiate command, manipulate variables, launch system dialogs, acknowledge alarm and log-in or log-off a user. Prevent simultaneous activation of both interface at the same time as this may result to incorrect operation. The PanelView supports DH-485 protocol through the RS232. This enables connection to single devices at an instance. It can be also connected to a DH485 network where multiple devices can be reached by the terminal for data exchange. It also has a secondary RS-232 Printer communication port intended for alarm printing function. Shipping information includes shipping weight of 6lbs and package size 14 x 11 x 8 inches. Storage temperature requirement is 25…70 °C (-13…158 °F) and non-operating shock rating of 15 g/30 g.
Revisions: 2711-B6C9L1-FRN 1.00 , 2711-B6C9L1-FRN 1.07 , 2711-B6C9L1-FRN 3.00 , 2711-B6C9L1-FRN 3.01 , 2711-B6C9L1-FRN 3.02 , 2711-B6C9L1-FRN 3.13 , 2711-B6C9L1-FRN 3.40 , 2711-B6C9L1-FRN 4.00 , 2711-B6C9L1-FRN 4.01 , 2711-B6C9L1-FRN 4.02 , 2711-B6C9L1-FRN 4.03 , 2711-B6C9L1-FRN 4.04 , 2711-B6C9L1-FRN 4.10 , 2711-B6C9L1-FRN 4.12 , 2711-B6C9L1-FRN 4.13 , 2711-B6C9L1-FRN 4.14 , 2711-B6C9L1-FRN 4.15 , 2711-B6C9L1-FRN 4.20 , 2711-B6C9L1-FRN 4.21 , 2711-B6C9L1-FRN 4.41 , 2711-B6C9L1-FRN 4.43 , 2711-B6C9L1-FRN 4.44 , 2711-B6C9L1-FRN 4.46 , 2711-B6C9L1-FRN 4.48 , 2711-B6C9L1-REV A , 2711-B6C9L1-REV B , 2711-B6C9L1-REV C , 2711-B6C9L1-REV D , 2711-B6C9L1-REV E , 2711-B6C9L1-REV F , 2711-B6C9L1-REV G , 2711-B6C9L1-REV H , 2711-B6C9L1-REV I , 2711-B6C9L1-REV J , 2711-B6C9L1-REV K , 2711-B6C9L1-REV L , 2711-B6C9L1-SER A , 2711-B6C9L1-SER B , 2711-B6C9L1-SER C , 2711-B6C9L1-SER D , 2711-B6C9L1-SER E , 2711-B6C9L1-SER F , 2711-B6C9L1-SER G , 2711-B6C9L1-SER H , 2711-B6C9L1-SER I , 2711-B6C9L1-SER J , 2711-B6C9L1-SER K , 2711-B6C9L1-SER L ,

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